Our mission is to make work exponentially better for the organisation and everyone in it

PepTalk is re-defining how teams perform.


Our revolutionary digital platform is built around behavioural change.


Our goal is to achieve a state of Pleasant Productivity™ in a business.


Pleasant Productivity™ will


✅ help employees get mentally, physically & emotionally ready to do great work

✅ empowers managers to lead with empathy, purpose and authenticity

✅ give the organisation, data and insights to provide a real measure on the strength of their team effectiveness and culture.

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Research shows that happy people do better work, boosting your bottom line. 

+20% more productive
[Gallup 2016]

+37% higher sales

[HBR 2011]​

+21%  more profitable

[Gallup 2016]

-34% lower staff turnover

[Gallup 2010]

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Companies have been managing teams the same way for over 250 years.

❌   siloed organisational structure,

❌   a linear focus on processes over people

❌   low levels of trust.


Failure to address these issues results in employees feeling disengaged, overwhelmed and suffering from burn-out and increased levels of stress. Managers lack the supports necessary to improve team dynamics and organisational performance is suffering.

If you'd like to know exactly how PepTalk behavioural change wellbeing program would work in your organisation, contact us today for a free demonstration of the digital platform.

PepTalk has 4 main Value Propositions
  1. Mastery - we use gamification to promote 

    • Connection with colleagues through team challenges

    • Personal development by completing micro-learning courses and consuming self-help articles on our 8 pillars of wellbeing

  2. Autonomy - this is a wellbeing program, requiring consistent engagement with the content. We encourage employers to give employees the autonomy to carve out a portion of their workday for wellbeing

  3. Connection - team activities and content devoted to improving relationships will improve the psychological safety within the organisation. This has consistently been proved to be the common denominator in high-performing teams.

  4. Purpose - creating meaningful relationships and meaning to the jobs/tasks employees do is the key to creating a high-performance culture in the workplace.

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