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work's broken 

[let's fix it one conversation at a time]

Welcome to Work's Broken PodCast !

We are super proud of our Chief Performance & Program Strategist, Niall O'Carroll's new weekly Podcast


Niall is a qualified Psychologist, with Master’s in Performance Psychology and a Master’s in Business Coaching, alongside which he is currently studying for his PhD.  Over the past decade, Niall has been responsible for developing and driving High-Performance programmes for both corporate and sporting organisations around the world,  including the number one sales team in Canada, a World Champion team and 27 individual Olympic Champions.


In this PodCast Series, he is going to explore ideas that could help each of us work more productively, more effectively and more importantly in a more human way!


Niall will be joined by some incredible leaders, visionaries and generally awesome humans lined up to discuss their ideas each week. You can expect to see peeps such as Quentin Allums, Stef Reid MBE, Eric Myles, Kristen Holmes Winn, Isa Nacewa, Garry Hall Junior, Craige Fulton, Daniella Browne MBE, Karl Morris, Katherine Roberts, Charlie Hayward, Pegine Echevarria, John Amechi and many more ...

listen to the episodes: