Work's Broken?
Welcome to Work's Broken with Niall O'Carroll.
Exploring how behavioural change and psychology can make work better.
Our mission is to build better teams by elevating people over process.
Niall is a qualified Psychologist, with Master’s in Performance Psychology and a Master’s in Business Coaching.  Over the past decade, Niall has been responsible for developing and driving High-Performance programmes for both corporate and sporting organisations around the world,  including the number one sales team in Canada and 27 individual Olympic Champions.

Each episode Niall will be joined by some incredible leaders, visionaries and generally awesome humans. Together they will discuss discuss their ideas and expereinces on how we can make work better for everyone.  
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Lex Gilette (Template)
Lex Gillette is the most successful Parlaympic Long Jumper in U.S. history. Having lost his sight at the age of 8 he found himself discovering athletics in school in San Diego.