The 5 things that help, when you join PepTalk

#1. Personalise your PepTalk!  

Put up a profile photo, ask about joining your team and take the PepCheck regularly to see how you are tracking.

#2. Get connected with your colleagues by posting on Community OR liking/commenting on someone else’s photo.

Everyone is waiting on someone else - just go for it. Find a # to post under and share with your Community and make the leap. This isn’t Facebook or Instagram, but getting to know each other in work on different levels is proven to help drive new connections and understanding of each other. The knock-on effect of that is a better work experience and more effective teams. PS  Everything on the app is private to your company.

#3. Take on a personal challenge by exploring ‘Let's Play’.  

Every day, you'll find challenges in Let's Play. Our suggestion - just pick that one thing that works for you that day. Whether it's a 5-minute mediation, a workout or an insight on work-life balance - or just posting a pic - you're guaranteed to feel that 1% better. PS - don't forget to take a day off!

#4. Create your own journey to the better you by exploring Academy and Stories in the Library.

You can search, filter and favourite in Academy and Stories so that your favourites Library is personal to you - and there when you need it.

#5. Stick with it - for you and your team

Take a look at this graph by James Clear. He wrote about the power of small changes in his book Atomic Habits.

Lots of us get stuck in what James calls the ‘Valley of Disappointment’. This happens because we expect change to happen quickly with maximum effect. The reality is change happens gradually and the gains are often unnoticeable until enough time has passed.

Your PepTalk app is armed with the tools you need to get a little bit better, stronger, faster every day so that over time you feel happy, healthier and more productive in work and in LIFE.

You have heard the saying ‘it takes a village’ and in truth, we all need peeps around us who cheer us on, keep things alive and hold us accountable. So use whats happening in PepTalk to create a bit of banter, ask your colleagues how they are getting them on, encourage them (and you might just encourage yourself in the process).

Finally, anytime you want … say hello, got a question, idea or feedback - hit us up through the ‘chat’ button.  We’re pretty friendly, 67% likely to respond with an epic giph and we actually love to hear from peeps! Keep an eye out for our Virtual PepLive details in the chat too!


COO & CoFounder @ PepTalk
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