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Last week I sat down with Gary Fox of the Entrepreneur Experiment to chat on my journey so far in the world of entrepreneurship. It was a really enjoyable chat and a great opportunity to reflect on some of the milestones over the last few years. I am a big fan of his podcast and have got some great insights from other episodes such as Jack Teeling of Teelings Whiskey and Niall Horgan of Gym + Coffee.

For those who didn’t have the stamina for the full piece (it was over an hour !) or wanted a quick refresh, here are some of the main insights I shared :

1. Sometimes those closest to you aren’t always right!

If you are thinking of setting up a business or taking on a different career path, get a broad range of advice before you take the plunge. My experience was that sometimes those you are closest to, in my case my parents, were very concerned I was leaving the steady world of the law to pursue something different. Your friends and family simply have your best interests at heart and may not either understand the why, especially when you may have a good career or may simply be concerned at your new venture not succeeding. Getting honest feedback from different perspectives can be invaluable, I spoke to Gary of the important role that Fran O’Reilly form Amaze played in my development at the early stages.

For example, when planning the business we worked on the “9-5 and the 5 to 9 concept” whereby rather than making any impulsive decisions, I spent many evenings (5-9) planning out the business etc and ensuring I had the vision and belief in what we are trying to do. It is interesting now when we speak to clients around employee engagement, how important that vision and values piece is for getting employees aligned and energised to work towards a common goal. How a company was formed, those early days of setting up and growing and all the challenges and opportunities that come with this, the story around this is one that needs to be shared with every new employee as it can powerful source of inspiration.

2. Evolve or Die!

We spoke a little about how companies evolve over time to meet the needs of clients. It has been true of both Legacy and PepTalk that through being conscious of the following key areas we have developed our strategy.

  • Customer Feedback : through meetings, coffee on a regular basis. What problem are we currently solving for and how can we help solve future problems.

  • Market Research : what is happening in the marketplace and what forces are driving change. We see huge changes in the employee engagement industry as the world of work evolves and how we analyse and address this is a key growth agenda for us.

  • Employee Feedback : chat to your employees on their view of the world. Your employees can have a broad range of interests and insights and involving them in shaping your growth will also greatly assist with employee engagement and performance.

  • Competitor Analysis : while never good to become obsessed with what other companies are doing, there is also some really useful insights that can be generated.

3. Take time to think

Taking time each week for headspace is really important. It is very difficult to perhaps sit there with a pen and paper and simply let the mind wander but it can be enormously powerful for your business. It is only by making a conscious decision to get after this that you will do it. I spoke to Gary on using the Eisenhower quadrant to help with prioritisation ( I couldn't remember the name at the time!) and this might be of use for people. There are plenty of other approaches out there, find the one that works for you.

4. Less can sometimes be more

Lastly, we spoke a little on allowing yourself some downtime. There is always more that can be done but if you can work hard on prioritisation then hopefully this will help ensure that you are making progress in the right areas and can allow yourself some downtime. At PepTalk, we see whole person development as a key trend in employee engagement. That is a blended approach to work and personal life, allowing your employees to learn and develop skills that can help them across both areas and as an employer elevate the importance of the “whole” employee. We will be chatting about this again in the coming weeks and introducing some of our new programme design philosophies which feed into this emerging trend.

Finally, Gary put me on the spot for some book recommendations. I went with a fiction and nonfiction choice below. Subscribed gives a great insight into the future of consumer and the concept of ownership across many industries while The Book Thief is just a really thought-provoking book and one that stays with you. Enjoy 😃

Listen back on the podcast :

James Brogan

CEO @ PepTalk

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At PepTalk, engagement is at the heart of all our wellbeing platform. Our platform is about energy, passion and fun while being grounded in key business outcomes.

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