Peptalks growth & our vision for revolutionising the world of work

This week we were super excited to be asked by the kind folks at to chat about the growth of PepTalk over the last few months and our vision for revolutionising the world of work as part of their Start Up Spotlight Series.

2019 to date has been a whirlwind, with some excellent progress in terms of the our product, client wins, international traction and some amazing new peeps joining our ever expanding team.

link at the end of the blog, if you would like to access the full article,

but here are some of the best bits:

For anyone who didn’t know, we started with some insights into where it all began;

“About three years ago, through some of the conversations we were having with corporates, there was an increasing interest in this whole area of performance and well-being and the links between both, and we just see it beginning to waterfall down into corporates,”,

As we invested in in technology and people to bring our vision to life, we also spent huge time on the brand and this is something I was delighted to chat to Jonathan on :

“We believe that the whole area of well-being probably needs to be a bit more engaging, and. The brand that we position is very much around getting people up engaged with this whole area and then drive a message of sustainable well-being behind that.”.

The future of employee wellbeing is based around digital tool that enable them to engage with it 'when they want to'. It is a constant support, designed to empower and we see forward thinking organisations as seeing this as key part of their people strategy.

As Rob McLean from client company Northern Trust stated recently ...

"The world of work is going through a huge transformational at the moment. There is an ever-increasing challenge to retain attract and truly engage employees. As an employer, we must embrace this head on and proactively listen to employees and provide the tools necessary to address their needs. We feel that PepTalk is at the forefront of this change, their digital tool allows us to offer wellbeing programmes at scale and empowers our employees in a new and innovative way

We spent a little time chatting on the PepTalk wellbeing tool and what is actually involved. The mobile app provides gamified wellbeing on demand for employees there is a nifty, data driven dashboard also for employers.

“(The) dashboard allows organisations to understand fundamentally the performance of the programme and how they tend to view success – it’s usually around productivity, how engaged staff are with working in the organisation.”

“Trends are very powerful. They’re able to see the overall levels of well-being in the organisation, the mood of the organisation, how engaged people are in the programme.”

I was also happy to share some of our vision for the future of PepTalk over the coming years :

“Our vision over the next 12 months is very much on international expansion, we’ll be targeting a number of English-speaking countries within the EMEA region and post-that we would be looking at other markets such as the USA.

Big Thanks to Fora :

It was a really interesting chat and I want to sincerely thank Johnathan Keane and the team.

The full article is here and I would encourage everyone to have a read <click here>

James Brogan

CEO @ PepTalk

Let's make work better …

At PepTalk, engagement is at the heart of all our wellbeing platform. Our platform is about energy, passion and fun while being grounded in key business outcomes.

To find out more about this area and our wider PepTalk offering book a demonstration at or email

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