Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Workplace Wellbeing Day!

For anyone following our blog, you will know PepTalk's position on wellbeing days/weeks - quite simply put, they do not move the dial on wellbeing. So much so we even wrote a blog post on the topic <here> .

Without sounding like a nag, for an effective workplace wellbeing strategy to deliver results there needs to be an on-going programmatic approach that underpins and is reflected in the day-to-day culture of an organisation. It should be managed and iterated through both quantitative and qualitative measures.

HOWEVER, there are natural points during a year where it is a super-dooper idea to have focused marketing and PR events to reinforce, promote and re-connect employees with your wellbeing strategy/program. That, undoubtedly, is where wellbeing days like WWD work an absolute treat.

National Workplace Wellbeing Day is like Christmas for wellbeing marketing, PR and general celebration!

So here’s the skinny on Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019 :

What : National Workplace Wellbeing Day

When : Friday 12 April 2019

Hashtag : #Workwell19

Follow : @WellbeingDayIRL

Website/Signup : Click Here

Let's get practical, what can you do [even without a budget] :

The great news is that there's a ton of awesome stuff you and your colleagues can do with just some energy, a sense of fun and a bit of creativity. Below we have given you some food-for-thought.

Step 1 - The PreGame Warm-up :

Some things to consider before you even start to plan your day/event :

  • Agree a team/people/employee group who would be willing to put a few hours of prep into the day and help deliver on the day

  • Agree roles, responsibilities and budget (if any) for the event

  • Figure out what you are looking to promote and achieve from the day for your company

  • Consider if there is any way you can measure the effectiveness of the day

  • Does anyone need to sign off on any aspect of the day e.g. PR and Data Privacy on Social Content, Compliance/Legal on Insurance Cover etc

  • Assign people/persons to capture the day on video/photographs. FYI don’t forget to get people's permission to be filmed/used in photos

Step 2 - The Game Day Plays

Some things to consider when you are planning and structuring your Day/Event :

  • Celebration of your current program, drive recognition around it, have a look forward to what's coming down the line ...

  • Raise awareness of your current vendors or partners (such as healthcare, pension, EAP, bike2work, life assurance, wellbeing etc)

  • Bring well-being alive with talks, workshops, sessions, seminars etc (and don’t forget to think broadly about wellbeing, entice everyone to join in by making these sessions fun and accessible for all. Don’t forget to consider disabilities and restrictions people may have, so that everyone can take part)

  • Host a Lunch Time Mile (invite your business neighbours to join) so you can get steps in while making some new connections

  • Could you introduce an element of healthy competition as part of the day? Table Tennis Championship, a yo-yo rally, a 5-a-side, a smoothie challenge, a dance off, a Nintendo Wii competition … get creative and most importantly do something fun that brings as many people into it as possible!

  • It’s the ideal day to run screenings, assessments and anything wellbeing awareness related

  • Take time to connect with your colleagues, by organising events where people can interact and learn a bit more about each other.

  • Create a time or a space to share reflections, gratitude and inspire each other.

  • Find ways to bring wellbeing into your daily life and inspire your peeps to make it part of ‘how they work’ - which is the key to bringing about long term behavioural change (some ideas in the video below).

Stuck for ideas … check out our short ‘10 ideas’ video below :

Want even more, even juicer and healthier ideas?

If you would like to get your hands on our ‘Complimentary Workplace Wellbeing Day Ideas Infographic’ (which is jam packed with cool ideas and inspiration)? Email and he will share it with you!

Finally, Step 3 - The Post Game Analysis :

A great step for any event like this is to review with participants how it went

  • Generate metrics and data: what had the greatest impact, the highest participants, the best value for money, the most engagement etc

  • Consider both internal and external marketing/PR for the event (particularly if you can’t do it live on the day). There is a great opportunity after the event to write blogs, share on social, post on your intranet or external websites.

  • Don’t forget to add this to your ‘year in review’ and indeed for businesses struggling to drive a budget around wellbeing, you can use this event to amplify your requests.

Learnings :

We would love to hear how your organisation approaches Workplace Wellbeing Days/Events? What lands well? Have you any tips or tricks for engagement to share with the wider community ?

Michelle Fogarty

COO & Co-Founder @ PepTalk

Let's make work better …

At PepTalk, engagement is at the heart of all our wellbeing platform. Our platform is about energy, passion and fun while being grounded in key business outcomes. To find out more about this area and our wider PepTalk offering book a demonstration at or email


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