Why employee engagement is turning to wellbeing

It will come as no surprise to many reading this piece that employee engagement has remained stubbornly low over the last number of years at roughly 15 %. This is in spite of a renewed focus amongst many companies on “employee engagement” as metric for the state of their workforce.

Why this focus? It is generally accepted that engaged employees result in lower employee turnover, improved employee retention, better employee morale and increased levels of employee satisfaction.

Currently, employee engagement solutions span many categories. Primarily, most employee engagement technology solutions fit within well-known categories, like talent management and employee recognition. However, increasingly employee engagement is being seen as a significant focus for corporate wellbeing programmes. And this is no surprise. What is more meaningful to a person than their health and wellbeing. It impacts on every aspect of a person’s life and thus health and wellness programmes are becoming more holistic, more consumer focused. Wellbeing is the meaningful employee engagement tool that employers have been searching for and technology is a key part of achieving this at scale.

Don’t take our word for it? The research is there, a recent study conducted by Gallup in the USA concluded that organizations can benefit substantially by adding well-being to their engagement programs. By ignoring well-being, or by focusing on physical wellness programs alone, employers miss important opportunities to improve employee performance.

Wellbeing is by its very nature a broad and complex topic. A one size fits all programme will not engage employee's as it isn’t relevant. We humans are complex beings, to truly drive meaningful health and wellbeing programmes we need to build it around the employees needs and desire. The engagement definition in this context is the employee's feelings towards their organisation, what is impacting upon them truly feeling satisfied in their role. Mindfulness, parenting, sleep, financial wellbeing are all wellbeing topics that must now be taken it account when building the programme.

As health and wellbeing moves more firmly into the engagement arena, how we communicate wellbeing becomes even more crucial. The clue is in the name, engagement! It doesn’t have to be so serious! For years wellbeing has been delivered in an uninspiring manner, with a focus on clinical information failing to resonate with employees. These wellbeing programmes often times served to dampen employee morale and demotivate staff. To be truly engaging, we need to market wellbeing in an impactful, holistic way with a strong focus on energy and fun to truly bring health and wellness into the culture of your organisation.

In building their employee strategies, many organisations are rightly focused on engagement metrics and looking at employee engagement surveys/pulses to understand the mood of the company. The results tend to see a strong desire for improved well-being and purpose among employees. Many more companies are designing impressive health and wellbeing programmes focused purely on wellbeing outcomes. When thinking of employee engagement ideas, the magic lies in the intersection of both employee engagement and wellbeing as that is where the results can be found in terms of employee motivation, employee satisfaction and employee retention.

We would love to know your thoughts and experiences in this area. Join in the discussion, share your ideas or leave us some comments below ...

About us : At PepTalk, engagement is at the heart of all our wellbeing platform. Our platform is about energy, passion and fun while being grounded in key business outcomes. To find out more about this area and our wider PepTalk offering book a demonstration visit www.peptalk.ie or contact james@peptalk.ie

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