#Mindset & Fitness - Helpful App Review (Part 2)

Looking for more from your phone - why not try out some apps to help your physical and mental wellbeing. Here are three more that we love.


This brain training app is along the same lines as Lumosity, reviewed by PepTalk previously (in Part 1, surprisingly eh). Each day, Peak will suggest a selection of 5 different games to let you ‘test’ Peak (while you’re thinking about upgrading!) and train your memory, problem solving skills and enhance your mental agility.

The games are challenging and it can be surprising which ones feel difficult - the language one really stumped us! We loved being told where we rank for our level after each game. We typically made it through 3 of the 5 games.

Why did we turn off? It’s just not fun enough to stay. Unlike Lumosity, the gaming feel isn’t quite as strong and it starts to seem a little like work, a little too soon.

Rating: Worth a go. It’s a cool, slick app with science behind it. Peak is easy to us… but it’s not as fun as Lumosity!

Couch to 5k Runner:

The original and still the best online 5k training! What a great app this is and such a simple but revolutionary idea. It really put the power to change your life in your hands. That might sound a little like overkill, but given the power of exercise to improve all aspects of health and the appeal of running for so many, it really rings true.

Download the app, grab your headphones and runners and half an hour later you’ve completed the first step to being able to run for 5k. Confession: some of us can probably run for 5k at a push, but it doesn’t excite everyone here, but … yet … when we used this app on and off when we needed to fit in some exercise (to and from the front door).

How does it work? Start with session one. Have a read to see what’s involved (a lot of walking, and some running). Plug in your earphones. When the app says run RUN, when the app says walk WALK. Could Not Be Easier.

Rating: Highly recommended. Give it a go. Having a few tunes on your phone to play through the app can really help.


Andy Puddicombe, the founder of Headspace, has hit on a previously untapped space with this app. Headspace offers a simple route to meditation and mindfulness, through guided meditations, cartoon imagery and fun videos. The first 10 meditations are free and give you a good taste of the Headspace approach. Even though it’s not that easy to focus when you’re a newbie to this, the experience is still enjoyable and Andy (who guides the meditations, sounds like hes a good guy) puts you at ease about a lack of practice. Once you’ve completed the 10, it costs to continue.

While it’s quite expensive, if you are hooked, or have the potential to be, its absolutely worth it! Once you’re ‘in’ and complete your training, you have access to a range of meditation series along different themes such as health (sleep, anxiety etc.), sport (focus, motivation), performance… etc.

Rating: A must try. It’s a beautiful app that truly opens up the world and power of meditation to everyone.

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