Build better teams by elevating people over process
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How do you know if your teams are ready to do great work?
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What does that even mean?
Normally the only thing we see are KPIs, right? When was the last time you had any metrics on how your team are feeling or what is affecting their performance?
Managing people is much more than managing KPIs
Our personal wellbeing doesn't exist in a silo. Whether you work onsite, work from home, or a hybrid of both, connecting with others is essential. You need other people to bring out the best version of yourself.
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A real employee wellness platform knows
how we feel outside of work affects how we work
Do you feel heard when you talk during a meeting?
Do you get equal opportunities to speak in work?
How often are you distracted by personal stuff during work?
How much quality sleep do you get a night?
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our corporate wellness platform designed for the hybrid workplace
Put employees first
PepTalk builds better teams by putting people first. Why, because better people make better teams, and better teams make better companies.
Targeted approach
Our wellbeing solution delivers a consistent program of content aimed at behavioural change through every level of the organisation.
Toolkit for managers
We focus on delivering our program through the people managers in the organisation.
Research shows
that happy employees do better work
An analysis of various studies showed when employees are happy or satisfied they are 31% more productive which leads to 37% more sales.
*The Harvard Business Review
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Not to brag...
... but we've worked with some really great companies
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